Centre for Climate Change & Water Research (C3WR)

Centre for Climate Change & Water Research (C3WR)

Research Centre Near Sambhar lake

A New upcoming research centre spread on 70 acres of land is located near Sambhar Lake, Tehsil Phulera, District Jaipur. University’s Center for climate change and research is under establishment near Sāmbhar Lake. The University’s investment budget is about 20 crores focused on campus infrastructure and other developmental activities. The campus is specifically dedicated as the research and development center focused on the activities related to environment, climate change and sustainability.


In the 21st century, we are facing innumerable challenges, due to physical and climate changes, in form of earthquakes, Tsunamis, cyclones, drought, flood, and cloudburst, landslide and nuclear disasters. As a result of these new pandemics, food security, environmental degradation increased the casualties and hampered the economic growth. Thus, governments, private sectors and civil societies are urgently needed to develop key strategies, so we could indeed address these challenges. In this direction, The Suresh Gyan Vihar University has a long vision address these issues by new innovations in science and technology, therefore, SGVU is committed to enhance and strengthening its R&D facilities in multidisciplinary research in subject such as earth sciences, chemistry, biotechnology, meteorology and environment sciences to achieve these noble and necessary goals. Therefore, The University needs well equipped research laboratories with modern technology. Thus, the university has decided to launch its “Centre for Climate Change and Water Research (C3WR) at Sambhar (Jaipur). The centre will work along with the participation of institutional researchers and scientists from various fields of different institutes. Though, SGVU have qualified core team of researchers, since its inception as a university in 2008, grant of a substantial sum has been provided by management for promoting R&D activities time to time. The university is intended to create a multi dimensional cadre of dedicated human resource and want to ensure dissemination scientific knowledge through invited lectures of eminent scientists and Professors, various Seminars/Workshops and publication of reports and research papers in repudiated journals and magazines. In continuation of same, the university centre will also accompanied the researchers funded by external agencies and research scholars.

The Mandate of C3WR

• Acknowledgement and promotion of innovation in research endeavors
• Nurture individuals as well as the development of hypotheses.
• Accommodate and help the work of individual scholars, researchers as well as the collaborative work of different institutions.
• Promote the dissemination and application of research findings for the welfare of human beings.
• Strives to promote interdisciplinary research partnerships and collaborations.

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