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A chance to face the spotlight and answer on celebrity’s behalf…

This event is a mock rendition of a press conference wherein the participants would pose as public figures ranging from politicians to scientists to writers, singers ,sports personalities or film stars to hear them speak and raise questions.

The agenda of this event would be based on recent happenings and the participants would be accepted to take up the stand as taken up by the figure in question.

The participants will put themselves in the shoes of the prescribed personality & feel the heat and stress of the situation in the shower of questions asked by a team of reporters. This will check the stress handling, presence of mind & knowledge about the personalities given to the participants.

  • 1. Each participant has to perform individually. There will be no teams.
  • 2. Maximum number of participants from each college will be two.
  • 3. The participant is expected to answer on behalf of the personality given.
  • 4. The participants will be judged on the following criteria:
  • • Subject Knowledge
    • Communication skills
    • How spontaneous the participants are
    • How well you relate with the personality
    • How well you portray yourself as the concerned personality
  • 5. The participants can choose the category but the personalities in the categories will be disclosed by draw at the time of the competition.

The participants will be provided with an option to choose from the following four categories and the personalities will be disclosed at the time of registration. The categories are:

  • 1. Sports
  • 2. Politics
  • 3. Entertainment
  • 4. Corporate

  • Nidhi Khanna: - 07597912737

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